Our veterans have served us honorably.  It’s our time to serve and help them.  At Spark of Hope, we are proud to treat and care for our service

men and women during their time of need.  Our Veterans In Recovery Program was created to help our heroes cope with substance abuse

and mental health issues, stigma-free.  Created and operated by veterans and first-responders, we know first-hand the stressors many of our veterans face. 

Our proprietary treatment program combines holistic treatment with modalities specifically designed for service members such as Neuro-psychology,

Brain Mapping, EMDR, Bio-feedback, Trauma-PTSD-Resilience Workshops, Trauma Yoga, and our Peer Support Services entitled “A Band of Brothers”.


At Spark of Hope, our goal is to provide greater access and affordability for our veterans seeking quality treatment services for substance

use and mental health disorders.  Days of waiting on long lines and prolonged periods to see a therapist are over.  Our military members,

past and present, can now seek the help they need when they need it.  For more information on our Veterans In Recovery Program, please

contact our Veterans Admissions Coordinator at: (954) 590-8363 Ext. 16.  All calls are strictly confidential.