It takes a village.

No where is this truer than when it comes to the recovering addict.

Those in recovery must learn to live life again on life’s terms.  That means learning how to have meaningful human interaction. They must learn how to make healthy connections with other people, people “unlike” themselves.  For lasting recovery to take place, deep connection of the human experience must be at the forefront.  The community, therefore, plays a vital role in helping addicts stay in recovery. At Spark of Hope, we offer job placement services, lifestyle and wellness programs, and more. We want to give all of our clients the opportunity to find support networks, meetings, and events that will provide valuable aftercare services once they leave our outpatient treatment center.

At Spark of Hope, we want members in our community to become our “Partners in Hope.” If you are part of an organization that shares our views on helping recovering addicts and alcoholics, please contact us at for more information on partnership.

If you know someone suffering from substance abuse and in need of our help, please click on the button below.  Even if it isn’t with us, we are here to help find the most suitable place in which to treat and help those in active recovery.

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All proceeds go to help those suffering the disease of addiction.