Comprehensive and Life Changing

At Spark of Hope, we are not satisfied at merely helping our clients stay sober. We are determined to get them back on the path to living meaningful and productive lives. In addition to treating addiction, our treatment program is designed to give our clients a fighting chance to resume their posts as productive members of society. Through individualized treatment and intensive therapy, to community integration, family dynamics, and career training, we want to make sure our clients are given the full arsenal to succeed in today’s challenging climate free of chemical dependency.

Individualized Treatment

Our licensed and board certified addiction counselors will help you change mal-adaptive thoughts and behavior patterns while teaching you to use healthy coping skills in stressful situations in a one-on-one setting.

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 Holistic Services

We will help you focus on your mind, body and spirit to combat addiction through effective relaxation techniques, exercise & nutrition, Yoga & meditation, spirituality and more to create a feeling of calm and balance in your universe.

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Extended Care

Our extended care program will help you identify in-depth barriers to on-going recovery and relapse prevention. Factors that are assessed and included in treatment during extended care include personality traits, family system supports, recovery and relapse history, and relationship issues.

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Wellness & Lifestyle Management

Beyond sobriety, we will promote wellness strategies through the aid of primary care services to address emotional and general health, nutrition and diet, smoking and tobacco use cessation, and stress management.

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Case Management

Our coordinated approach seeks to be the new model for comprehensive case management in substance abuse treatment – focusing upon the delivery of health, substance abuse, job placement, career counseling and social services, linking clients with appropriate services to address specific needs and achieve stated goals.

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Alumni Support

The treatment received at SOH is only the beginning. We offer ongoing Alumni support for our clients as they continue to build the foundation and support structure they developed while in treatment. We encourage our clients as well as their family members, to participate in our ongoing support programs.

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We take your recovery personally…

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