There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter - Mother Teresa

Kurt Coutu
Primary Therapist

Kurt has worked in the substance abuse treatment arena for a number of years.  A dynamic and inspirational counselor, Kurt has successfully overcome his own struggles with addiction many years ago, and has made it his life’s calling to help others do the same through rigorous outreach, education and empathy.

Sauda Harris
Clinical Director

Sauda is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician and a Qualifying Supervisor with many years of relevant leadership experience in the behavioral health industry, working both in the public as well as private sector.  Throughout her impressive career, Sauda has worked in diverse settings including as Program Director of Case Managment services for DCF, and as Clinical Director and Chief Compliance Officer for other substance abuse treatment programs prior to joining us.

Jessica Grimm
Admissions Coordinator

Jessica brings her many years of experience as an Admissions Coordinator and Administrative Assistant in the substance abuse industry to Spark of Hope. Always eager to help others, Jessica plays an integral role in our Admissions department as the “voice and face” of client entry and re-entry into our program.  Jessica is currently studying towards her B.A. in Elementary Education.

Jasmine Vicente
Behavioral Health Tech

Jasmine is experienced in medical and health administration and a certified behavioral health technician and certified in CPR and HIV awareness. She demonstrates a strong desire for helping those who suffer from mental health and substance abuse.


Marcus Hilaire
Behavioral Health Tech

Marcus is a behavioral health technician and safety officer. Marcus has worked in behavioral health rehabilitation for the past 5 years. He enjoys working with teenagers and adults to help them overcome addiction in the face of adversity.

Bryan England
Outreach Coordinator

With an extensive background in business administration and real estate managment, Bryan is our client advocate and provides critical case management and social services to those in need.  Passionate and compassionate, Bryan is a champion for those battling the disease of addiction.

Vincent Telford
Group Facilitator

Vincent is an experienced and dynamic Group Facilitator with years of experience in inspiring and motivating clients seeking change in the recovery community.  A former Navy veteran, Vincent is a passionate professional whose mission is to uplift those struggling with substance abuse and mental health.

Raul Fridman
Director of Spanish Outreach

Born in Argentina, Raul retired to Florida in 1985 after a long career in finance. His penchant for community involvement and helping people led him to his current position at Spark of Hope. He is also a photographer and donates his time to several community organizations.

Millines Hernandez
Behavioral Health Technician

Millines assumes the role as our Behavioral Health Tech after working in various behavioral health positions with leading behavioral health organizations locally and regionally.  Always personable sporting a big smile, Millines is an example of what truly makes Spark of Hope uniquely caring.

Faith Montgomery
Director of Cindi McCue Initiative – First Responders’ Recovery Program

Faith is an eighteen year law enforcement veteran and a close friend of Cindi McCue.  Following Cindi’s passing, Faith was determined to find a way to honor her memory while help fellow first responders cope with the issues of trauma, mental health and substance abuse.  As the Director of the Cindi McCue Initiative, Faith hopes to nationalize Spark of Hope’s First Responder’s Recovery Program where acceptance replaces stigma and hope replaces despair for our heroes seeking help.


David Lam
Executive Director

David is a lifelong entrepreneur with multiple startups to his credit.  A former Marine veteran coping with PTSD, he is dedicating his time and energy in helping to bring the diseases of addiction and mental health out of darkness and into the light of acceptance.