HopeFest – Communal Rally to Fight the Opioid Pandemic

On Sunday, October 22 2017, caring folks from all walks of life joined hands together for our inaugural event, HopeFest’17.

Originally scheduled for September 10th, Mother Nature had other plans as Hurricane Irma swept through South Florida.  Not to be deterred, we rescheduled the event just six weeks later and sparked off an unprecedented gathering of love, unity, awareness and inspiration.  Thanks to our generous sponsors and wonderful volunteers, HopeFest’17 became the recovery event of the year. Scores of supporters, both within and beyond the recovery communities of America have heard about HopeFest. We’ve been asked to organize similar events in the near future to raise awareness and sensitivity to those victimized by the opioid pandemic.  We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to play a small part in helping to eradicate the cataclysmic effects of addiction as well as its negative stigma. Addiction does not discriminate. It affects every race, gender, origin, culture, religion and creed. It is the all-encompassing enemy of humankind. In order to combat addiction, it takes an all-encompassing group of dedicated “Hope Dealers” comprising of every fabric of our society.

Partners in Hope, the organizer of HopeFest is a 501C3 non-profit organization created to bring hope, empathy and help to the embattled families struggling with addiction. We want their voices to be heard, without shame or stigma. We want them to know that they are not fighting the enemy of humankind alone, and we will prevail. For together through acts of unconditional love and uncompromising display of unity can we eradicate addiction from its roots!