At Spark of Hope, our objective is to eradicate the stigma associated with addiction and mental illnesses.  As a core strategy of our campaign to gain acceptance from the public, we are actively engaging with our “community partners”- including many of its civic leaders, law enforcement officials, business owners, concerned citizens, healthcare providers and community activists.  Through ongoing efforts of collaboration, we hope to foster a culture of understanding and empathy for those struggling with behavioral and mental health disorders.

Although we are a “new-comer” to the substance abuse treatment arena, our goal is to transform the stigma associated with unscrupulous treatment providers of the past in South Florida and around other parts of the country, which have raised the public’s scrutiny in recent times.  We realize that behavioral healthcare providers have been put under a microscope, many unfairly, due to some of the misdeeds of individuals not concerned about the welfare of those with whom they have been entrusted to serve and protect.  Therefore, we feel we have an obligation to serve as an ambassador on behalf of the South Florida substance abuse and mental health care providers by shining a positive light to expose the darkness that have plagued our industry.