Community Outings

It’s a well known fact that physical activity can reduce the risk of relapse with those suffering from addiction. Our outpatient drug treatment program offers clients the opportunity to attend community outings designed to teach valuable life skills. Our staff will accompany clients on cultural outings and day trips to art museums, cultural centers, and other recreational activities.

At Spark of Hope we believe that social interaction and fresh air provide a healthy environment for change and growth. Our outpatient drug and alcohol program goes beyond just counseling to provide lifestyle management techniques and real-life skills that will be useful when living a sober life in recovery. Sober outings may also include AA and NA meetings, sober festivals or events and conferences that allow clients to network with other people in recovery. A strong support system is highly suggested when a client leaves treatment and some of the relationships they build while in treatment could prevent a dangerous relapse in the future.

Attending treatment is a time for healing, but it’s also a time to build new habits.

Creating a positive sober environment for clients is our goal. We’ll show them not only how to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and other substance, but we’ll also help them create healthy habits like nutrition, exercise, and creating healthy sober relationship and friendships that will last a lifetime. Many addicts and alcoholics list boredom as one of the biggest relapse triggers. When someone in recovery has too much free-time this can become a liability and lead to relapse. In many cases, the addict or alcoholic did not seek social gatherings and activities that would contribute to long-term happiness and quality-of-life. Our outings are designed to plant the seed for a lifetime of healthy social engagement.

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