Post Treatment Alumni Support

Primary treatment for addiction and alcoholism are important to the recovery process. However, the treatment received at Spark of Hope is only the beginning. We offer an alcohol and drug treatment aftercare and alumni support program to help you excel when you leave Spark of Hope.

If you have just completed drug treatment or are about to successfully complete a drug and alcohol rehab program, it is an important milestone that you should be tremendously proud of. While you may feel on top of the world physically, mentally and spiritually and ready to go full steam ahead in your personal life, the real work in recovery has only just begun.

Recovery isn’t a single all-encompassing event or a specific chapter in your life that you can close. Maintaining meaningful long-term sobriety is an ongoing process that unfolds throughout your lifetime, and that journey will take its share of twists and turns. When you leave the safety and structure of your drug treatment program and begin the transition back into your daily life, the proverbial rubber hits the road in regards to working your individual program of recovery. In order to stay motivated and empowered in your newfound and hard-earned sobriety, actively participating in a form of treatment aftercare and alumni support program is highly recommended.

What Should You Look For In An Alumni Program?

An Alumni program in drug rehab treatment is becoming an increasingly popular aftercare option for those who have successfully completed a drug and alcohol rehab program and are looking to transition back into their daily lives with confidence. An alumni program in drug rehab treatment allows those who have recently completed drug treatment to connect with those who have also completed substance abuse treatment at the same treatment facility and have considerable clean and sober time under their belt. The number one goal of our  alumni program at Spark of Hope is to help strengthen your recovery by keeping you connected with the recovery community that has been established at our treatment facility as well as with the recovery community outside of our treatment center.

By participating in an alumni program in addiction treatment, you will be able to implement the life skills and other tools that will help you stay sober, and you can refine those essential relapse prevention techniques that will help minimize the chances of relapse in recovery. With the help of those who are working a successful program of recovery, you can continue to strengthen your own recovery. Ultimately, you can connect meaningfully with others to share and learn from your collective experiences as well as stay in touch with those people you formed lasting friendships with while in drug treatment.

How Spark of Hope’s Alumni Program Keeps You Connected to the Recovery Community

When you complete an intensive and highly structured treatment program at our facility and transition to an alumni addiction program, there are several ways in which this program helps you stay connected to those who are still in drug treatment while reaching out to the broader recovery community. First and foremost, our alumni program organizes and holds events in the local community which gives the opportunity for graduates to meet on a regular basis and share their stories of recovery. Secondly, our alumni addiction program will help you find the local support groups and the essential recovery resources that are located within your community so you can be proactive in seeking services on your own.

Additionally, our alumni program will allow you to provide support and encouragement to former graduates who may be struggling with their own recovery. Our program help reinforce the importance of staying in touch with our treatment staff during your recovery journey. This allows you to have the continued encouragement and support you need as you progress in your recovery. Moreover, you are able to take part in volunteer opportunities either at Spark of Hope or in your community. By “paying it forward,” you are enriching the lives of others while strengthening your own recovery.

Other Ways in Which SOH’s Alumni Addiction Program Strengthen Recovery

Our alumni program in substance abuse treatment also provides additional benefits for those who decide to utilize this essential treatment service such as allowing you to maintain contact with our treatment staff–no matter how long you have been in recovery. Having the support and guidance of the treatment professionals who helped you create your individual recovery program when you need it can help you put your mind more at ease during those moments of uncertainty.

Lastly, our alumni addiction program offers you a wide variety of programs that help educate you and all participants on a wide variety of topics related to the disease of addiction, relapse prevention and recovery. From workshops and guided group sessions to additional booster treatment sessions, Spark of Hope’s Alumni Program can be an essential part of your long-term plan that will help you maintain lasting sobriety.

We invite you to meet our staff, talk to one of our therapists, or speak to an alumnus to better understand the client experience at Spark of Hope. Please call (844) 398-9204 to speak with one of our admissions specialists now.

Or if you prefer you can email us at and we will contact you at the next available opportunity.