A word from our Clinical Director…


You’ve made the decision to seek alcohol and drug addiction help, and we appreciate the significance of that decision. We’re committed to making the admissions process a stress-free, respectful and compassionate experience. At Spark of Hope, our admissions team will take care of all the logistics of entering treatment so that you (or your loved one) can focus on getting well. Our admissions process begins with a free, confidential substance abuse use assessment and background behavioral screening to obtain vital information with which to provide you with the most optimal care possible . Our team will work directly with your insurance company to ensure you obtain the maximum coverage available under your plan. If you currently don’t have insurance, we will be happy to provide affordable private payment options to provide you the best drug addiction help possible.  At Spark of Hope, we will turn no one in need of our services away.  We are committed to getting you the help you need.  Please call us today!

During your confidential phone consultation, we will:

  • Answer your specific questions and concerns.
  • Assess which treatment program might be right for you or your loved one.
  • Assist you with any additional support or referrals that you may need.
  • Provide you a brief outline of the services we provide while you or your loved one is in treatment.

The following is an Admission Orientation Checklist that our Admissions Team will be covering during the initial-Admissions process:


☑ Nature and goals of program including admission and discharge criteria

☑ Consent for treatment

☑ Financial agreement and treatment costs, if any

☑ Orientation Handbook; inclusive of, but not limited to the following topics

☑ Client legal and human rights

☑ Grievance procedure

☑ Program rules and regulations

☑ Confidentiality and limitations of confidentiality

☑ Infection control procedures

☑ Therapist Assignment

☑ Treatment Schedule

☑ Urinalysis procedure and how results are utilized

☑ Fire exits and emergency evacuations procedures

☑ Emergency Services

☑ Responsibilities for participation in treatment

☑ Admission and Discharge Criteria


Finally, the best way to get to know our facility is to see us in person. Call us to set up a confidential tour and see the treatment center firsthand. We invite you to meet our staff, talk to one of our therapists, or speak to an alumnus to better understand the client experience at Spark of Hope. Please call (844) 398-9204 to speak with one of our admissions specialists now.

Or if you prefer you can email us at info@sparkofhope.net and we will contact you at the next available opportunity.


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