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Spark of Hope is a licensed and fully accredited (JCAHO) Outpatient Adult Day Night Drug Treatment Center located in Margate, Florida. We provide compassionate and comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment services in a personalized setting where each client receives unparalleled quality of care as well as unsurpassed personal support to cope with their struggle with addiction. Our team of dedicated Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Master’s level counselors, Certified Addiction Professionals and Certified Behavioral Health Technicians are committed to rendering exceptional treatment services that promote permanent lifestyle change for each client that enters our program.


Although we are an “outpatient” facility, SOH’s unique approach to treating addiction is more comprehensive than most “in-patient” programs.  Through years of intensive research and practical application into the pathology of the disease of addiction, we have discovered that conventional treatment programs (both outpatient and residential) have often failed because they have neglected to focus upon the most critical “period” of any recovery program – the time when the individual is away from treatment or out of his or her “protective environment.”  This period, known largely as the period of “stabilization”, if left unsupervised, will invariably cause an addict to relapse time and time again.  It is understandable why most substance abuse facilities have “intentionally” neglected this crucial phase of recovery – they don’t get compensated!  Currently, most health care insurance policies merely offer services which are stringently defined under the substance abuse treatment umbrella.  Sadly, the bulk of the services which are proven to be vital to the actual well being of the recovering addict, are declined and dismissed.



Realizing that a huge disparity exists between “covered” services and “services that are necessary and vital” to the well being of those seeking substance abuse treatment, we at Spark of Hope strive to set the benchmark as the new standard in ethical addiction treatment.  We will endeavor to provide the needed services to our clients, even if we won’t get compensated for them!

Instead of merely helping our clients eliminate chemical dependency, our approach – which is rooted in the concept of “to treat and to transform” simultaneously – helps them overcome addiction and regain their independence and dignity through intensive learning and structured behavioral modifications. At the core of our programming philosophy is a powerful and enriching therapeutic model of INCLUSION which promotes positive lifestyle modifications through the concept of group acceptance and community building.  At Spark of Hope, each client isn’t merely responsible for his or her personal recovery – they are responsible for the sanctity of the group, or for “their family” in which they are now a part of.  For the concept of “esprit de corps”, or a common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a particular group, has long been associated with the successful transformation of the individual.   Along with other evidence-based traditional and alternative therapies, our proprietary approach to addiction treatment provides a uniquely empowering recovery experience, which becomes a new way of life that is sustainable long after our clients leave our program.

Since our Grand Opening in December of 2016, Spark of Hope has already developed the reputation as a caring and ethical practice where genuine recovery takes place.  Unlike other substance abuse rehab facilities where clients are often treated as a commodity, Spark of Hope’s mission is to help everyone struggling with addiction with exceptional care and uncompromising commitment.


With the current opioid epidemic killing scores of people in our country, we at Spark of Hope are charged with the monumental task of saving lives and restoring souls through acts of unconditional kindness, compassion and love.  Moving forward, we will continue to do more than we promise.


Want to learn more about us at Spark of Hope? The best way to get to know our drug and alcohol treatment center is to see us in person. Call us to set up a confidential tour and see our facility firsthand. We invite you to meet our staff, talk to one of our therapists, or speak to an alumnus to better understand the client experience at Spark of Hope. It is truly unlike any other.

Please call (844) 398-9204 to speak with one of our admissions specialists now.

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Spark of Hope is currently licensed and Joint Commission Accredited (JCAHO) for Adult Day or Night Treatment (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) and Outpatient Treatment (OP) with a full continuum of care, including Residential Detoxification Treatment planned for Spring of 2019.

We are now opened seven days a week!

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