Mentorship Program – Your “Big Brother” & “Big Sister” In Recovery

It’s no mistake that many 12-step treatment programs encourage community involvement among those in recovery. Many times isolation and loneliness can lead to a relapse on drugs or alcohol after treatment is complete. Building a strong support network and feeling like you are a part of a group is key to maintaining sobriety.

Finding a mentor can be a very beneficial part of a drug and alcohol treatment plan. People have known this for a long time. Alcoholics Anonymous calls them sponsors. Having one person that you can go to at any time of day or night in a crisis situation is important.

Mentors can be helpful in many areas of life. Don’t overlook this important resource of help for being successful in addiction treatment. You can never have too many people supporting you. One of the most important qualities a mentor should have is being someone that you trust, like a “big brother” or “big sister.”  The relationship will really be ineffective if you don’t believe they’re being honest with you or you think they are trying to lead you down the wrong path. You will need to be able to speak openly with this person about your drug and alcohol addiction and the psychological issues surrounding it. They can help you work through your fears and recognize problems. A mentor should be someone who has had similar experiences before and been successful in dealing with them. They will be able to provide you with feedback, support, and guidance, and call you out on unhealthy thoughts and actions.

Our mentorship program at Spark of Hope helps clients even after “office hours.”  Clients can contact their mentor at any time and ask for help, even when they aren’t in treatment. Their mentor may even help them gain vital life skills like getting a job, shopping, balancing finances, helping in legal matters, etc.

Many clients come to Spark of Hope with a lack of social involvement. Our goal is to get them out into the community and show them how helping others can provide a life of purpose. This feeling of togetherness can provide a sense of well being that clients used to seek from drugs and alcohol.   Our mentorship program includes:

  • A therapist or staff member who is accountable for each client, even after the treatment center closes
  • Someone to accompany clients to court appointments, job interviews, etc.
  • Help with budget, shopping, and independent living skills
  • Personal advice on relationships, family, and friends
  • Career and school guidance
  • Family counseling and dealing with loved ones

If you or someone you love is struggling with issues of addiction, please call Spark of Hope at 1-844-398-9204 for a confidential and cost-free consultation.

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