Redefining Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complex chronic disease that requires a comprehensive treatment approach that is multi-dimensional in nature. Addiction is also considered a “relapsing disease(according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse)– people in recovery from substance abuse disorders are at increased risk for returning to drug use even after years of abstinence. At Spark of Hope, our skilled clinicians and counselors understand the social, psychological and physiological pathology of the disease of addiction. Our proprietary treatment model is rooted in the concept of “to treat and to transform”,  to ensure that we provide the highest quality of services through ethical practice, programming efficacy and continuum of care.

Beyond “traditional” outpatient treatment models, we treat the disease of addiction as well as transform the diseased individual concurrently.


  • Intensive Behavioral Therapy

  • Co-occuring Disorder & Mental Health Counseling

  • Detoxification

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Motivational Interviewing



  • Therapeutic Mentorship

  • Community Reintegration

  • Life-skills Enhancement

  • Motivational Incentives (Contingency Management)

  • Cognitive Skills Development

A message of Hope from our staff

Beyond Outpatient Care

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Life Skills


Success Stories

It begins with Hope…To quote a classic saying from Alexander Pope, “hope springs eternal”. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to the journey of recovery from addiction. At Spark of Hope, we are all eternal “optimists”, for we believe that in order to eradicate a gripping disease like addiction, hope must be the catalyst. With years of treatment experience, our staff of industry leading professionals offers cutting-edge, evidence-based, effective, holistic treatment in a small group setting. Throughout our program, the theme of hope and optimism resonate clearly as our rallying cry.

Partners in Hope

Everyone Deserves a second chance. At Spark of Hope, we are seeking strategic partners- local businesses, community outreach organizations and caring neighbors like you- to become our Partners in Hope. Please join us in providing needed services to the many in recovery by helping them find gainful employment, providing vital life-skills training and empowering them via invaluable aftercare programs. For more information, please email us at

Education + Empathy + Empowerment

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Biosound Therapy Bed

Biosound Healing Therapy consists of neuro feedback, music therapy, sound frequency massage, and guided imagery. Clients experience these elements through a BioLounge, a vibrational reclining platform that is constructed with memory foam. The BioLounge produces binaural beats that induce a theta level meditative state, as well as vibrations that trigger a natural relaxation response. In addition to improving healing tendencies, the BioLounge encourages increased mindfulness and awareness within the body. It can be used as a standalone therapeutic solution, or in combination with other treatment modalities.

Biosound Healing Therapy integrates Biofeedback, Sound Frequency Healing, Music Therapy, and Guided Imagery. The system consists of a vibrational platform constructed with memory foam and integrated with an audio/visual delivery system.  It utilizes precisely choreographed music that is synchronized with low frequency sine tones and binatural beats. To learn more about the revolutionary treatment of Biosound therapy offered at Spark of Hope, please click here.

Addiction: A Family Disease

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Spanish Recovery

Spark of Hope es un Centro de Tratamiento externo acreditado por el Departamento de Ninos y Familias, para adultos que opera de día y de noche, ubicado en Margate, Florida. Ofrecemos tratamiento exhaustivo y compasivo para el abuso de drogas y alcohol, a pacientes externos, en un ambiente acogedor, en el que cada cliente recibe tratamiento de óptima calidad profesional y con atencion persónal. Nuestro equipo esta formado por terapeutas acreditados por el estado de Floriday profesionalescertificados en adicción, con extensa experiencia en este campo. El equipo de Spark of Hope está comprometido a proporcionar tratamiento excepcional que promueve cambios de estilo de vida permanentes a cada cliente que ingresa a nuestro programa. Leer Mas


First Responders Recovery Program